Our Team

You'll leave happy and feeling like new. We have a talented and well-trained team. Whether you are a distinguished connoisseur, a walk-in or somewhere in between, we have dedicated professionals ready to help. All our service providers are fully licensed through the state of Michigan.

Level 4 Stylist


Terri Ramon


Ali Brisboy

min_Nina Florian.jpg

Nina Florian

Level 3 Stylist

min_Katie Dysinger.jpg

Katie Dysinger

min_Ashley Dearing.jpg

Ashley Dearing

min_Jordan Benavidez.jpg

Jordan Benavidez

min_Jessica Villanueva.jpg

Jessica Villanueva

min_Brindi Morey.jpg

Brandi Morey

Level 2 Stylist

min_Lindsay Koutz.jpg

Lindsay Koutz

min_Danielle McPerson.jpg

Danielle McPherson

min_Jen Watters.jpg

Jen Gepford

min_Michelle Tibor.jpg

Michelle Tibor

min_britt website.png

Brittany Benchley

Level 1 Stylist

min_Christi Rauchenberger.jpg

Christi Rauschenberger

min_Jill McIvor.jpg

Jill McIvor

Bruce Whipple

Shawn Mogg

Rachel Westmaas

Nail Technician

min_Lexy Gross.jpg

Lexy Goss

min_Jennifer Johnston.jpg

Jennifer Johnston

Santana Ray

min_Jen Watters.jpg

Jen Gepford

Spa Technician

min_Elizabeth Bigard.jpg

Elizabeth Bigard


min_Bethany Beebe.jpg

Bethany Beebe